Sunnyvale Amateur Radio Emergency Service Repeater Group

K6SNY repeater: 443.275+ 107.2 PL

Sunnyvale Community Public Radio: AM 1680
(Emergency public service announcements)

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Welcome to the home of the SARES Repeater Group

The Sunnyvale Amateur Radio Emergency Service (SARES) Repeater Group (SARES-RG), an ARRL affiliated club, intends to maintain a set of open repeaters that will be used as a Santa Clara County resource in times of disaster and mutual aid.

This group, formed in November 2007, is composed of the SARES EC (Emergency Coordinator) and AEC's (Assistant Emergency Coordinators).

K6SNY Repeater (70cm FM)

  • 443.275 Mhz, 107.2 Hz PL, positive offset
  • Open repeater, Wide area coverage, Emergency generator
  • Location: Crystal Peak, Santa Clara county


President Jerry Thalls KG6HI
Vice-President  Andreas Ott K6OTT
Treasurer Steve Bennett KK6UCO
Secretary Skip La Fetra AA6WK

Repeater Group's FCC license info and it's history.

SARES-RG is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

Sunnyvale Amateur Radio Emergency Service - Repeater Group
P.O. Box 2215
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Attn Frank E La Fetra Jr

Linking from AA6BT 2m repeater

The control operators of the AA6BT repeater have the capablility of linking that repeater to K6SNY, for purposes of mutual aid during times of disasters and other emergencies.

The history of the repeater (formerly W6AMT)

The Association of Mountain Toppers (AMT) Amateur Radio Club (ARC) are the former owners of SARES-RG's first repeater. We wish to thank AMT for their generous donation of equipment and copious documentation.

W6AMT's log of their earlier repeater work (PDF).

When SARES-RG receieved the repeater from AMT, the radio need some initial frequency adjustment — in which Edison, WB6IQN, graciously provided his services to get the radio back into alignment.

Other Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Rick, N6RNO, for hosting and creating the original website. Thanks to Peter, W0NG, the previous webmaster and club photographer.